Monday, 24 October 2011


HaD a VeRy LoNg TiMe NoT uPdAtE mY bLoG >.< ... 

UrM bTw i WaN 2 tEll aBoUt

23 OkT 2011

uRm.. U KnOw WhAt ThAt DaY WeRe My BiRtHdaY hAhaHa sO fUn ^_^ .. i NeVer Had FuN lIkE ThAt DaY bEfOrE... mANy tHiNg MaKe Me HaPpY.. ThE mOsT hapPy tHinG Is MaNy PeOpLe WiSh 4 Me In Fb(fAcEbOoK) tHis Is mY 1sT tIme GoT aLot Of wIsHes.. HaHAhA (pRoUd)... n OtHeRwIsE.. iM goinG 4 lUnCh N dInNeR 2 CeLEbRaTe it ^_^ .. ImMeDiaTelY aFtEr dInNer, I wEnT hOmE ruSheD 2 My CoMpUtEr HuaHuaHUAhuAhUA 2 CheCk mY Fb ^_^.. hOw SuPrIsE hAd A lOt Of WisheS.. ^_^ ...
HUAAAAAA HOW HAPPY I'M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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