Friday, 24 August 2012

I thought you were my love
And I thought you were my all
And the one who'd become my last love, I believed that was you
I laughed for only you
And I lived for only you
And that that would be happiness, I believed your love, but
All of it's a lie, it's all lies
Your love is all a lie
Because it's made me hurt this much, because it's made me sad,
You know it's a love that's leaving after making me cry
That I'm the one you love, that you're protecting me
Your love is all a lie
Taking all of my heart, and taking my love
You know the thing that's leaving is love
Receiving love from one person
And giving love to one person
That this person would be you, I believed like a fool
The word "love" is a lie
The words that say you love are a lie
The word "forever" is a lie
Leaving me with nothing but a promise to return
Where are you going (you keep getting further away)
Even if you go further and further away
I love only you
Because you might come back, because you might come to me,
You know I can't love again
Even if you hurt me this much, even if you make me sad,
You know I'm waiting for only you
All of it's a lie, it's all lies
Our separation is all a lie
Because you're my love, because you're my all
You know I'm waiting for only you <3

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

NeW uPdAtE

HaHa~ NeW uPdAtE ... ErM~~ sO mAnY cHaNgE hAd MaDe,, WoAh~ So HaRd Do WiTh SlOw InTeRNeT~!!!! WaHaHAhAhaHAA (cRaZy 5 SeC) bTw i DiD iT!!! yEaH!!~~ FiGhTiNg,CaI YoK~!!! :3 .. >.< ,,,???? IdK wHaT 2 sAy ~_~ .. hWvR sTiLl nEeD iMpRoVe 2 Be A nIcE 1
,.      .,
(O.O)  <=+=+=+= (OwL)ThIs Is My TrAdEmArk (WuEk ,, TagLinE),,,

ThAnK 4 vIeW mY bLoG >.< .. PlEaSe~~~ FoLlOw OkAy~~

DiZzY tHiNkInG aBoUt ThE pRoBleM oF mAkInG bLoG .. hAhHaHa .. >.<~~ wUeEe
LaTeR tRy UpDaTe MoRe >.<.. ~~~~

Monday, 24 October 2011


HaD a VeRy LoNg TiMe NoT uPdAtE mY bLoG >.< ... 

UrM bTw i WaN 2 tEll aBoUt

23 OkT 2011

uRm.. U KnOw WhAt ThAt DaY WeRe My BiRtHdaY hAhaHa sO fUn ^_^ .. i NeVer Had FuN lIkE ThAt DaY bEfOrE... mANy tHiNg MaKe Me HaPpY.. ThE mOsT hapPy tHinG Is MaNy PeOpLe WiSh 4 Me In Fb(fAcEbOoK) tHis Is mY 1sT tIme GoT aLot Of wIsHes.. HaHAhA (pRoUd)... n OtHeRwIsE.. iM goinG 4 lUnCh N dInNeR 2 CeLEbRaTe it ^_^ .. ImMeDiaTelY aFtEr dInNer, I wEnT hOmE ruSheD 2 My CoMpUtEr HuaHuaHUAhuAhUA 2 CheCk mY Fb ^_^.. hOw SuPrIsE hAd A lOt Of WisheS.. ^_^ ...
HUAAAAAA HOW HAPPY I'M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 3 October 2011


We HaVe GoOd NeWs N bAd NeWs..

ThE BaD nEwS
HaIzZz.. BlOg DaH JdI KuRAnG CaNtIk DaRi BeFoRe hUhUhU..

ThE gOoD nEwS iS
nO kEcAcAtAn LaGi HuEhEhEhE..

hApPy LaH jUgAk DpT sOlVe bEnDe AlAh NiY .. lAtEr TrY uPdAtE lGi ... 2 CaNtIk KaN lGi~~!!! AaAaAa.. PrOb. BeToL lArH... bTw I hOpE u LiKe It.. StIlL tRy HaRdEr n HaRdEr 2 Be ThE bEsT yEaH~~!!!!!! fOlLoW mE oWkAyH ^_^ ...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011