Monday, 24 October 2011


HaD a VeRy LoNg TiMe NoT uPdAtE mY bLoG >.< ... 

UrM bTw i WaN 2 tEll aBoUt

23 OkT 2011

uRm.. U KnOw WhAt ThAt DaY WeRe My BiRtHdaY hAhaHa sO fUn ^_^ .. i NeVer Had FuN lIkE ThAt DaY bEfOrE... mANy tHiNg MaKe Me HaPpY.. ThE mOsT hapPy tHinG Is MaNy PeOpLe WiSh 4 Me In Fb(fAcEbOoK) tHis Is mY 1sT tIme GoT aLot Of wIsHes.. HaHAhA (pRoUd)... n OtHeRwIsE.. iM goinG 4 lUnCh N dInNeR 2 CeLEbRaTe it ^_^ .. ImMeDiaTelY aFtEr dInNer, I wEnT hOmE ruSheD 2 My CoMpUtEr HuaHuaHUAhuAhUA 2 CheCk mY Fb ^_^.. hOw SuPrIsE hAd A lOt Of WisheS.. ^_^ ...
HUAAAAAA HOW HAPPY I'M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 3 October 2011


We HaVe GoOd NeWs N bAd NeWs..

ThE BaD nEwS
HaIzZz.. BlOg DaH JdI KuRAnG CaNtIk DaRi BeFoRe hUhUhU..

ThE gOoD nEwS iS
nO kEcAcAtAn LaGi HuEhEhEhE..

hApPy LaH jUgAk DpT sOlVe bEnDe AlAh NiY .. lAtEr TrY uPdAtE lGi ... 2 CaNtIk KaN lGi~~!!! AaAaAa.. PrOb. BeToL lArH... bTw I hOpE u LiKe It.. StIlL tRy HaRdEr n HaRdEr 2 Be ThE bEsT yEaH~~!!!!!! fOlLoW mE oWkAyH ^_^ ...